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Employee of the Month:

Chantelle Sawyer

Interview by Ally Mullen

After a long, hard day of work, there's nothing better than going home. Luckily for Chantelle Sawyer, August's Employee of the Month, home is where the beach is!

Introduce yourself!

Hello! I am Chantelle Sawyer. I was born in South Africa, grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and moved to Santa Monica once it was time for college.

When and how did you get started at Urban Outfitters?

I was inspired to work at Urban Outfitters by friends who have been longtime employees. The rest was history!

What and where is your current position at Urban Outfitters?

Right now I am the Housewares Team Lead at the Santa Monica store. However, I am going to the Malibu location as the store's Operations Supervisor.

What's your favorite part about working for the company?

The freedom and creativity that the company promotes inspires its employees to be motivated to work hard everyday. That is what I love the most. Feeling inspired by my work environment to perform the best I can.

Why do you think that Urban Outfitters will be a great fit for the Malibu area?

Because the kids there need a place to shop! There is virtually nowhere reasonable to shop in Malibu for a trendy soul. An Urban Outfitters location is perfect.

Since you'll be switching to the Malibu store, what are some of your favorite tourist spots to go to in or around the area?

Well, if you come to Malibu you have to spend most of your time on the beach. Get a tan! And then go to Lily's to get a California Burrito complete with french fries.

Many people from your hometown grew up on (and near) the beach? What's the style scene like around there?

A lot of the people from Santa Barbara grew up surfing and on the beach. Therefore, their style revolves around the beach and ocean: a lot of board shorts, tank tops and sandals. However, there also was a huge hardcore and straight edge scene growing up. Festivals like Sound and Fury are held in Santa Barbara so that style is very punk with a lot of band shirts, camo, and Nikes. I like to call them "Nike Punks," haha.

Between those two main styles, which one do you think you're more into?

Growing up I surfed competitively so I associate with that style. However, I also went to shows like Sound and Fury so was affiliated with that style as well—I'm a hodge-podge of both.

What's your everyday uniform like, inside and outside of work?

Plaid skirt, cropped band tee, harness, frilly socks, chunky boots.

What's your favorite brand from UO? Which do you find yourself buying the most?

I find myself purchasing the most UNIF of any brand in the store.

What's your life like outside of work? What can we find you getting into on your days off?

Outside of work I intern for a shoe, clothing, and harness designer, Deandri. I spend a lot of my time off in downtown Los Angeles at her show room helping her merchandise, ship orders, and prepare for sample sales.

How much time do you spend at the beach per year? Does the appeal of it ever go away?

NEVER!!! Summer + sun out + time off = beach days.

How about some secret spots? Where do you go to get away from it all and clear your mind?

Home to Santa Barbara; the beaches there and mom's house ☺.

Tell us about this beach punk scene. What type of music and clothing, does it include?

Cloud Nothings, Bleached, FIDLAR, Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall is all of the music that makes up the beach punk scene. The style is a classic punk look with a ‘90s grunge twist, barefoot with sand in the toes. The Dr. Martens sandals are a must.

What are the last five albums you've listened to?

The last five albums I've listened to are:
1. Bikini Kill's Reject All American
2. Bleached's Ride Your Heart
3. Japandroids' Celebration Rock
4. The Jesus And Mary Chain's Psychocandy
5. My Bloody Valentine's Loveless

What's the background photo on your phone?

Andre Pejic. A male model who sometimes models as a woman. Google him. Androgyny at its finest.

When as the last time you sent out a tweet and what was it of?

Gosh, forever ago. A photo of Aesop Rock at FYF last year.