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Summer Party with
Burger Records

High school friends Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard founded Burger Records, a California-based label with a DIY spirit, in 2007. Burger happened naturally, starting out as a simple logo Lee would draw on fliers for his own band, The Fuckin' Noise, and then, after successfully self-releasing their own single under the Burger name, it eventually expanded into a full-blown company. To celebrate the start of summer we teamed up with Burger Records to throw a pool party in sunny Los Angeles with some of our favorite bands, Together Pangea, Vision, Summer Twins, The Aquadolls, and Tomorrow's Tulips, complete with live music, cannonballs, and more summer fun than you can possibly imagine.

Burger initially released singles from their favorite bands, such as The Go and Nobunny, on cassette for affordability, but continued to release on the outdated medium due to the quick turnaround time and the ability to provide their customers with a tangible collector's item. Before Bohrman and Rickard knew it, the label had brought interest back to an abandoned analogue format. Working with numerous bands over the years, including Together Pangea, Vision, Summer Twins, The Aquadolls and Tomorrow's Tulips, Burger Records has proven its knack for discovering and working with bands that perfectly embody effortlessly cool Cali vibes, and created a cult following in the process.

Finding more success with the ongoing releases of their well-curated singles and EPs (most on cassette but some on vinyl and CD) and the opening of their own record store in Fullerton, CA in 2009, the label decided to branch out into the music festival scene in 2012 with their Burgerama festival. Taking place in L.A. and showcasing many of Burger's own artists, the festival was an instant hit. After selling out the weekend-long event in 2013, the label has more in the works. What's next for the Burger? Bohrman and Rickard are kicking a few concepts around including a Burger museum and a Burger joint with a permanent stage to showcase their favorite artists. Judging by their reputation, anything is possible for the Burger brand.