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Employee of the Month:

Bridget Mitchell

Interview by Ally Mullen

Our L.A. District Merchandiser talks crystals, celebrities, personal style and her connection to the spirit world.

Hi Bridget! Introduce yourself!

I'm Bridget Mitchell and I am the District Merchandiser (DM) for Los Angeles. I am originally from Michigan and since I've left I've lived in Chicago, San Francisco and L.A. so I've traveled around a lot with Urban, but I've lived in L.A. the past few years.

So do you think you can see yourself staying in L.A. for a while?

I love it. I can see myself being happy there for a really long time. I sometimes miss a big city but ultimately L.A. has everything I want and I love being outside, and the weather's perfect!

What was your first job?

My first job was picking strawberries on a local farm! I was probably 10 and I used to ride my bike there. We got paid 15 cents a pint, so it took a long time to get even a few dollars at the end of the day. They paid us in cash at the end of the day so it was probably not legal (laughs). I still like strawberries but farm work wasn't for me.

How about your worst job?

I worked at a smoke shop when I lived in Boulder, CO for a summer and all I did was do inventory everyday and make a spreadsheet of all of every single item that we sold. It was very tedious and very boring. They had specialty tobacco and cigars and you could smoke in the store.

Since you're in L.A. do you get to see a lot of celebrities in the stores? If so, can you give us some examples?

Oh yeah, we see them all of the time. I've seen Robert Downey Jr., Molly Ringwald, Clint Eastwood, David Hasselhoff (he asked the store manager if they had a T-shirt in stock with him on it!), and Cindy Crawford :).

Outside of work, what can we find you doing?

I go vintage shopping and to the flea markets - there's flea markets every Sunday, so I love to go to them and spend the day looking for treasures. Even though I work retail I never get sick of shopping! So I spend a lot of my free time checking out local boutiques and finding the best vintage and jewelry I can get. And I love to do yoga!

How would you describe your personal style?

I love feminine mixed with a lot of vintage denim. So I like things that have maybe hints of Victorian but I also love '70s handcrafted items, I I love things that are from different parts of the world, like Indian dresses and things that have a story to them and have a history and I love classic ethnic jewelry. I also like things from the disco era; I love metallic and gold lamé. For the past ten years I've been wearing bell-bottoms - that's something I'll never get sick of. I honestly don't think my personal style has changed very much since high school. I like the same things but as I get older I can get things I couldn't afford back in those days!

So how about being a DM. Can you tell us what your job entails?

As the DM I oversee all of the stores in L.A. visually. I help the stores decide what's going to look best in their space and help them troubleshoot, plan and execute their floor plans every season. I give the Store Merchandisers feedback on the outfitting and the visuals of the spaces. It's very creative so there are a lot of other things we get to be involved with, so it's always different everyday.

What's your favorite part about you job and working for UO?

I love the ability to make your own decisions and they support that. And they want us to be business owners so to speak. So it feels good to know I have a voice and I can make a difference from what my personal opinions are.

Have you ever caught a shoplifter while in the stores?

Yes. I was a manager before I was a merchandiser. Young girls steal items like bras and underwear. Guys steal denim.

So we heard you love crystals. Can we talk about your collection? What's your favorite crystal of all time?

I have a necklace that is a phantom chlorite quartz and it's just beautiful and there's a rainbow in it, and I wear that a lot. At home I have a really pretty spirit quartz that's a light pink color that I love.

Do you know the meanings of either of those?

I'd have to look it up! I have a crystal book that I always reference at home, so sometimes I want to carry something with me that has a special meaning so I'll look it up in my book. It's called The Book of Stones.

Where did your interest in crystals come from?

My mom was a psychic growing up, so she was into all this stuff. I grew up in a New Age kind of home and my mom was open to alternative thinking and holistic things, so we had crystals. She loved amethyst, so that was the first crystal I remember.

Did she ever do readings for you?

She didn't read for the family. She felt like her messages would be clouded because she knew too much about us personally.

Did you ever watch her work?

Yes but usually she wanted us to stay out of the house. She had a room in the house that was her power room. It had red carpet and red walls - that was her power color of the time - so she'd have people come to the house.

So do you feel like you have any psychic abilities of your own?

I've had many intuitive dreams that have ended up being dead on. For example, I had a friend that I didn't talk to in probably five or six years, completely out of touch, and I had a dream that she had a baby boy. So I reached out to her and she had just found out that very day that she was pregnant. Once she did have the baby, she had a boy.

So do you definitely believe in the spiritual world?

Yes. I've experienced it enough to know it's there. I think if people don't want to acknowledge it, it's fine. But I think if you want to be open-minded about that stuff you can follow your intuition more when making decisions and it helps you figure things you out!

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