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UO Beauty: Do the Twist

Braids don't have to be uptight and complicated. With the help of New York hairstylist Sera Sloane, we embrace a simple, lived-in braid that feels fresh for spring. "The messier, the better," says Sloane of this relaxed, updated take on the style. "You don't want to see perfect lines." Watch our video for an easy how-to and see after the jump for the products we used to create this look (hint: hair powder is your new best friend).

UO Beauty: A Simple, Lived-in Braid
Meet Sera Sloane
Los Angeles-born hair stylist Sera Sloane takes an intimate approach to cutting hair. Working out of her home studio in New York's Chinatown, she tends to a legion of models, actresses, musicians, artists and other Lower East Side characters. After the cut, Sloane takes your Polaroid, adding to the mesmerizing grid of faces that covers her wall (many a couple has been match-made via the wall). On the side, Sloane dabbles in artwork—mostly small Perspex plaques—emblazoned with witty word plays such as "Black to the Beach" and "Put out old flames to make new ones." Her approach to hair is emotional: "It's more about the feeling of the doesn't have to be this perfect thing," she says. "I just like to have a place where people can come over, be casual, tell their deepest, darkest secrets and feel safe. You know, hair is very vulnerable, it says a lot about a person and I treat it with a lot of respect."