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Sammy Slice and Cool Hand Luke

Bnna Clps Recommends

  • Eat

  • Sabrina's Café (
    910 Christian St. and at 1804 Callowhill St.
  • Honey's Sit-N-Eat
    800 N. 4th St.
  • The South St. Diner
    140 S. St.
  • Green Eggs Cafe
    1306 Dickinson St.
  • South Philadelphia Tap Room
    1509 Mifflin St.
  • The Royal Tavern (
    937 East Passyunk Ave
  • Standard Tap
    901 N. 2nd St.
  • Pub and Kitchen (
    1946 Lombard St.
  • Café Nhuy
    802 Christian St.
  • Mercato (
    1216 Spruce St.
  • Silk City (
    435 Spring Garden St.
  • Dmitri's
    2227 Pine St.
  • Bindi (
    105 S. 13th St.
  • Lolita (
    106 S. 13th St.
  • Garces Trading Co. (
    1111 Locust St.
  • Pat's King of Steaks (
    1237 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • Geno's Steaks (
    1219 S. 9th St.
  • Southwark (
    701 S. 4th St.
  • Drink

  • Pub on Passyunk East (POPE)
    1501 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. (
    112 S. 18th St.
  • Ray's Happy Birthday Bar
    1200 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • Cantina Los Caballitos
    1651 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • Village Whiskey (
    114 S. 20th St.
  • Visit

  • Philadelphia Art Museum
    26th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway
  • Italian Market
    9th St. Italian Shopping Center
  • Reading Terminal Market
    51 North 12th St.
  • Rittenhouse Square Park
    18th St. and Walnut Ave.
  • Shop

  • Retrospective Vintage Clothing
    536 South St.
  • Reward (
    55 N. 2nd St.
  • Party

  • BNNA CLPS @ Adobe Café
    1919 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • Making Time
  • Tigerbeats @ The Barbary
    951 Frankford Ave.
  • The Bounce @ The Barbary
  • Dutty Chutney @ Fluid
    613 S. 4th St.

UO Recommends

  • Eat

    408 S. 2nd St.
  • Horizons
    611 S. 7th St.
  • Oyster House
    1516 Sansom St.
  • Lickety Split
    401 South St.
  • Audrey Claire
    267 S. 20th St.
  • Sarcone's Deli
    734 S. 9th St.
  • Vietnam Restaurant and Café
    221 N. 11th St.
  • Pizzeria Stella
    420 S. 2nd St.
  • Farmacia
    15 S. 3rd St.
  • Taqueria Veracruzana
    908 Washington Ave.
  • Sagami Japanese Restaurant
    37 Crescent Blvd, Collingswood, NJ
  • Sushi Planet
    624 S. 3rd St.
  • Maoz Vegetarian
    1115 Walnut St.
  • 2nd & South Farmer's Market
  • Pad Thai Restaurant
    Best fried ice cream ever!
    606 S. 2nd St.
  • Sweet Tooth Candy
    630 S. 4th St.
  • Drink

  • New Wave Café
    784 S. 3rd St.
  • Philadelphia Java Co.
    518 S. 4th St.
  • Memphis Tap Room
    2331 E. Cumberland St.
  • Party

  • Johnny Brenda's
    1201 Frankford Ave.
  • First Unitarian Church
    2125 Chestnut St.
  • Cash for Gold Fridays @ Top Hat
    247 Market St.
  • M Room
    15 W. Girard Ave.
  • Kung Fu Necktie
    1250 N. Front St.
  • Shop

  • Antiquarian's Delight
    615 S. 6th St.
    Amazing vintage and Antique "Delights"
  • Decades Vintage
    615 Bainbridge St.
    The owner knows her vintage fashion from 90's Calvin Klein, Romeo Gligli, Sonia Rykiel, Escada, to 1980's Banana Republic.
  • Sweet Jane Vintage
    1820 E. Passyunk Ave.
  • Brick Bat Books
    709 S. 4th St.
  • Sophisticated Seconds
    2204 South St.
  • Third St. Habit
    153 N. 3rd St.
  • Sugar Cube
    124 N. 3rd St.
  • Urban Outfitters
    110 S. 36th St.
    1627 Walnut St.
  • Visit

  • The Ritz Theater
    4000 Ranstead St.
  • Space 1026
    1026 Arch St.
  • Part Time Studios
    2031 Frankford Ave.
  • Bodega
    253 N. 3rd St.
  • Vox Populi
    319 N. 11th St. #3
  • Mutter Museum
    19 S. 22nd St.

Where are you guys right now?
Sammy: We just got done playing at Silk City. Deciding whether we're gonna stay out or not.

What made each of you move to Philadelphia?
Luke: I was born here and have lived here ever since.

Sammy: I moved here when I was 18 for school.

How did you meet?
Luke: First time was when we played The Kyhber together right?

Sammy: Yeah, our friend Steve Bloodbath put us in touch.

When did you guys start playing parties?
Luke: I started by playing lame Penn and Drexel frat parties towards the end of high school.

Sammy: I started DJing parties when I was thirteen. So wherever they would trust a 13-year-old to DJ their party, that's where I did it.

Can you tell us a little about the mix you made for UO Radio?
Sammy: It's kind of how we play our parties together, but maybe a little more laid-back since people are probably listening to this at their desk. A mix of indie stuff, hip-hop, reggae and dance music. Our friend Jayson Musson from Plastic Little did the cover art for us.

At your DJ nights, what do you try and bring to make sure people have fun?
Sammy: Hmmm, that's a good question. I think we just try and do things that we think are fun and hope people feel the same.

Luke: It's been working out so far.

Can you tell us a little about BNNA CLPS and what it's about?
Sammy: BNNA CLPS is a DIY monthly dance party that we do at this banquet hall in South Philly. I got really lucky with finding this space, which has gone untouched since the '80s maybe? It allowed us to create a space for kids to dance that wasn't really there before. Musically, it's kind of similar to the mix we made for you guys, but a bit more party-oriented.

What have been some of the best nights you've had?
Luke: Sammy and I were both pretty stoked when Beanie Sigel showed up to one of our first times playing at Silk.

Sammy: Ah, didn't even think of that— that was awesome.

Luke: Silk is not really the type of spot we'd ever expect Beanie to walk into, let alone perform, but he did a 15 minute Roc-a-Fella medley with Sammy and people really dug it.

Sammy: I saw him like a week later at a concert and he said, "What's up?" to me in front of some girls. I thought I was pretty cool.

Luke: Should we say the Mariachi thing or are we talking too much?

Sammy: Ha, we had a super secret special guest at BNNA CLPS over the summer, which was really a five-piece Mariachi band that came out and played some songs on the dance floor. That was fun.

How would you describe Philly to people who have never been there?
Luke: That's a tough one because I grew up here. Philadelphia is a party city for the haves and have-nots.

Sammy: What do you mean by that, haves and have-nots?

Luke: That was probably a corny answer. I just meant that there are different classes of people that party together in the same places.

Sammy: Haves and have-nots. Poetic dude.

Luke: I'm like Yeats, yo.

Sammy: Philly is an awesome place to live, with a handful of really unique neighborhoods that give it a lot charm. Anytime we have people come in from out of town they enjoy it, so it's safe to say it's a fun place to visit for the first time. It's awesome! Come hang!

What neighborhoods do you live in and how would you describe them?
Luke: We both live in South Philly.

Sammy: Yeah, I live closer to Broad St. and Luke's closer to Passyunk Aveune.

Luke: Where I live it is a mix between Vietnamese communities, Mexican communities, and Italian-Americans who have been there forever, alongside various other people moving in and out of the neighborhood.

Sammy: South Philly is awesome. There's a ton of great places to eat, everything you need is pretty much in walking distance no matter where you live and a ton of our friends live in the area.
Luke: Yeah, that is definitely a really good aspect.
Sammy: If someone lives in another neighborhood, they might as well live in Alaska even though it's only 10 minutes away. I think that may speak on our laziness, more so than the city's geography though.

What do you think the best thing about living in Philly is?
Sammy: It's really easy to get around here and I don't think you notice that until you're in another city, but everything is a relatively short bike/cab/subway away. Maybe that's why so many kids go out to parties here?

Luke: Totally. I think Sammy and I were talking about this before Silk tonight, but the crowds here are really good. It's always been a big DJ city, and people expect a lot from us, which makes it fun.

Sammy: Yeah, being able to consistently push new music week to week is really fun. I don't know if that will work as a tourism slogan though: "Move to Philly, and you can play songs no one has heard yet, and people won't hate you for it."

Luke: I kind of like that.

What are your typical weekends like?

Sammy: Weekend is kind of a weird word at this point. Does that
mean like when we're DJing or not DJing?

Luke: What was the question exactly?

Sammy: What's an average weekend like for us?

Luke: Our weekends definitely start on Thursday with Silk City.

Sammy: In that case: DJing, brunch, working on music, dinner with friends, more DJing. I've been playing out of town these last couple of weeks, but that formula seems to stand true everywhere I go, which I dig.

Luke: Yeah, kind of the same thing. The working on art, making music, DJing kind of thing.

What is your favorite kind of music to play?
Luke: I have always played rap, and that's what inspired me to start DJing. Recently, I have been more into playing and producing dance music. I've started a side project called Topanga with my friend Matpat, where we play a lot of those original tracks.

Sammy: Ha, I'm the worst person to answer this question. I push new dance music and indie stuff in my sets, but it always has kind of a hip-hop backbone to it.

What's a recipe for throwing a really good party in Philly?
Sammy: We have no idea. We're still figuring that out as we go.

What's next for you guys?
Sammy: Together, the next big thing we're doing is BNNA CLPS Halloween on October 29 with Drop The Lime from Trouble and Bass. It's at this giant boxing arena in South Philly that holds, like, 1,500 people. Past that, I've been traveling a lot more with DJing and working on edits and original stuff to play in my sets and eventually release.

Luke: Just gonna keep throwing fun parties, searching for new music, making mix tapes with Sammy, painting, and making dance tracks with Topanga. Super stoked for our huge BNNA CLPS Halloween party.

Sammy: Can we plug that here?

Sammy: You can buy tickets in advance for that, just hit my websites for the info! As always, this is a completely DIY event, but I've never put anything together that's been this big of a production so we're really psyched.

What are your favorite restaurants?
Sammy: South Philly Tap Room is one of my favorites. A couple blocks from my house, super mellow spot, awesome North Carolina-style BBQ'd chicken sandwiches. We should say Royal Tavern for sure also, another really good gastro pub. I think that's the word.

Luke: Definitely, Royal is right across from my house so I'm always in there. Also, Standard Tap in Northern Liberties: incredible beer selection, amazing food, and my girl works there.

Sammy: Pub and Kitchen, too. Great oysters.

Luke: All the Vietnamese hoagie places, I have one for lunch on the daily.

Sammy: The small spot by Sabrina's?

Luke: I think it's called Cafe Nhuy.

Sammy: I've only recently eaten there, but Mercato in Center City puts a really cool twist on Italian food—really good.

Best place to get a cheese steak?

Sammy: Pat's.

Luke: John's Roast Pork

Sammy: Ha, liar! Tell them the truth dude.

Luke: I can't. I'll get too much shit for it

Sammy: C'mon!

Luke: Fine, when I'm really drunk after DJing we usually split up and I eat a cheese steak at the controversial Geno's alone while Sammy goes to Pat's.

What are your favorite bars?
Sammy: POPE is probably one of my favorites. I guess it's more of a dive-y spot. Our friends do a really fun party there on Wednesday called Rock Tits that I usually go to.

Luke: Agreed on the POPE. A place I've been going recently to get great old-fashioned cocktails is Southwark at 4th and Bainbridge.

Sammy: Yeah, this place Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company is a good fancy cocktail spot if you need to impress a girl by not drinking PBR.

Luke: Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, good place to meet buds, and you can smoke in there.

Sammy: Cantina is a good place to get a drink, especially in the summer.

Luke: Outside seating is really good.

Sammy: Village Whiskey would probably be my last pick. Nice bar, great whiskey.

The best dance party nights in Philly?
Sammy: I think Making Time is definitely one our favorites nights. Dave P always brings in really good acts and has done so much in terms of pushing new sounds in the city.

Luke: My buddies Luis Angel Cancel and JHN RDN's party Tigerbeats. It's a Monday party and always packed, and they play great indie rock. I've always had fun guest DJing there.

Sammy: Definitely Emynd and Bo Bliz's The Bounce at The Barbary as well. Great hip-hop and original production by the duo, not to mention they threw one of first warehouse parties I ever went to.

Luke: Dutty Chutney as well, they play an amazing mix of Bhangra and Dancehall, and there's a super fun diverse crowd.

Sammy: I really like their flyers. That party is at Fluid.

Best restaurant to take your parents?
Sammy: I usually take them here to Silk City actually. That or we go to The Famous 4th St. Deli. They give you these great cookies with your check.

Luke: A restaurant I have always gone to with my parents is Dimitri's on 23rd and Pine. It has great Mediterranean cuisine, and is located in a slightly calmer neighborhood in the city. It has a calming, darkly lit interior and it's right by where I grew up.

Sammy: Ha, "calming darkly lit interior." Amazing description.

Best restaurant to take a date?
Sammy: Bindi and Lolita are two really good spots that are both BYO—same owner. You can get these awesome mixers for your bottle of tequila, vodka or whatever. Great Mexican food and Indian food respectively. Garces Trading Company if you're going to get something for take out.

Luke: It's not a restaurant, but as far as date spots, for me, it's a tie between the Ritz movie theaters in Old City because they have a good selection of the newest indie films, and the bio pond at night on University of Pennsylvania's campus in West Philly. It is literally a small forest with a pond in the middle of the city.

Sammy: Nature date—instant points.

Five touristy things that you would recommend someone do if they were visiting Philly from out of town?
Luke: Definitely check out the Italian Market in South Philly and the Reading Terminal market in Center City where they have great food made and served by Amish people. Philly has some great parks, Washington Square is one of my favorites. It is actually an old graveyard that a park was built on top of. Always nice to take a walk or bike ride by the Schuylkill river.

Sammy: Agreed. Redding Terminal is definitely a fun, touristy thing to do. I always tell people to hang out in Rittenhouse Park and people watch. Running up the Art Museum steps is probably the most tourist-y thing I can think of.

Luke: Running up the steps while eating a cheesesteak!

Best places to shop:
Luke: One of my favorites spots is Retrospect on South St. Great selection of vintage clothing.

Sammy: I'd say Reward in Old City. Good mix of new stuff and vintage stuff. They are both indie retailers that do an amazing job.

Best place to go for a hung-over brunch?
Sammy: Green Eggs Cafe, Sabrina's and Honey's are my favorites.

Luke: For hung-over brunch our friends have spent many a painful morning at The South St. Diner.

Where can we find more info on you guys?
Luke: Luke Cool Hand Goodman Facebook and my Twitter:

Sammy: My blog,, Sammy Slice Facebook, and Twitter:

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  1. Intro
  2. Active Child- When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix)
  3. Soulja Boy- First Day of School
  4. Robyn- Dancehall Queen
  5. Cam'ron- Never Ever
  6. Salem- Red Lights
  7. Drake ft. Lil Wayne- Right Above It
  8. Yacht- Ring The Bell
  9. Camp Lo- Coolie High
  10. Golden Filter- Moonlight Fantasy
  11. Kavinsky- Night Call
  12. Siouxsie and the Banshees- Kiss Them For Me
  13. Saint Etienne- Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  14. Dr. Alban- No Coke (After Use 12" Mix)
  15. Cam'ron ft. Vado- Speakin Tungs
  16. Elite Gymnastics- Is This On Me
  17. Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
  18. Teeth- See Spaces
  19. Beenie Man- Wine Gyal
  20. Nolan Thomas- Yo Little Brother
  21. Janet Jackson- Rhythm Nation
  22. Annie- Don't Stop
  23. Chilly Gonzales- I Am Europe
  24. Cults- Most Wanted
  25. Talking Heads- This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
  26. The Units- High Pressure Days (Rory Phillips Remix)
  27. Azari & III- Reckless (With Your Love)
  28. Sidechains- Back 2 Skool
  29. Eli Escobar ft. Amanda Blank- Love Thing (Dj Mehdi Edit)
  30. Aaliyah- 4 Page Letter

*Album Art by Jayson Musson

*Mastered by Si Young