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Andrea Estella

Interview by Hazel Cills
The frontwoman for Long Island-based band Twin Sister is the epitome of girl power 2013-style, 'cyber Stoner Spice' aesthetic and all.
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I thrift a lot of my clothing. This blazer is thrifted Ralph Lauren. I don’t know how old it is. This velvet leopard turtleneck is also thrifted. These suspender leggings which are kind of popular right now are from Wasteland, I think they’re called Widow. These are Jeffrey Campbell boots. When I got these for Christmas my mom was trying them on before I could! I got this heart mood ring from a museum, I think the Garvies Point Museum. It’s awesome. It was only like $2.
My mascara is blue Diorshow mascara. It’s like, the best mascara. I love crazy lipsticks. I just got these new Lime Crime lipsticks. This one is Chinchilla, it’s kind of like a purple gray. I love how it looks with my hair.
I stole this shirt from the thrift store and the skirt is also thrifted. When I was younger, my uncle who was making clothes at the time did a Spice Girls photoshoot with me and I wore these pants made of fabric similar to this skirt. I was Scary Spice.
I’m obsessed with iridescent stuff right now.
My friend bought me this shirt from Japan. I love this crazy cat alien woman. My eyebrows are just glitter eyeliner. If I’m going out to meet friends I’ll put them on but if I’m going out to the I think I scare some people with these eyebrows. Like, after shows people will wonder if they can say hi to me [laughs]. I love this lipstick too. It’s very alien, very cyber.
I kind of like how these two pieces don’t match that well. I wear these shoes almost everyday, these Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes. I dye my hair with Pravana hair dye with white conditioner. It keeps my hair more pastel.

What would you classify your style as?

Cyber Stoner-Spice

Who or what are your style inspirations?

I love Japanese fashion magazines and I even look at Japanese fashion from the 80s and 90s. Big long skirts and stuff like that. Right now, drag queens and club kids.

What Japanese fashion mags do you typically read?

Zipper and Vivi. Zipper is more hair and make-up but I love the clothes. It looks like the models own the clothes. Krary Panyu Panyu, the singer, used to be in them a lot when she was a harajuku girl. I really love her.

Your hair has been so many different colors...why do you change it?

I get really with bored with it and I'll look in the mirror and hate it. This is the longest I've had it been one color, purple, which is one of my favorite colors. But I used to change it every couple months. I even wear wigs sometimes when I get really bored.

How many wigs do you have?

Probably like 20 to 30 wigs.

Oh wow!

Yeah I have a lot of wigs [laughs]. I really got into wigs when I had really short boy hair. This was before I was in the band. I had longer hair and I had bleached it really white and had no eyebrows. And my hair was so damaged that it broke off and was falling out and I had to cut it all the way off so it was just my brown roots. It was boy hair and now and then I couldn't really do much with it, so I would wear a wig.

I remember at Pitchfork you were wearing that super long, green wig.

Yeah, I had gotten that online. It was from Japan, a Japanese fiber.

How do your day-to-day looks differ from what you typically wear on stage?

Most of the day I'm in pajamas. If I don't really go out that week and I do my laundry it's kind of sad because it's all pajama pants like thermals and T-shirts. [laughs] Also if I want to work on my art it messes up your nails and messes up your clothes so I end up wearing busted jeans and stuff like that. Then when I go out to see my friends or go to a party I end up wearing more of my show attire.

When you're touring how much of your wardrobe do you bring with you? Are there always essentials when you tour?

It's kind of like whatever I feel like and I always pick up things along the way because I love thrifting. I consider it part of my gear, to bring really big suitcases, so I just cram it in there. It's about the size of an amp. The guys have their amps and their drums and I get to have my suitcase.

Is there any article of clothing in your closet that's your favorite?

I have this one Fiorucci T-shirt that's getting really nasty. It's so old. It's up to here, like just below my boobs. But, I love it. It's kind of gross, like the armpits are changing colors and stuff [laughs] but I kind of just let my hair cover that.

You just can't give it up.

I can't give it up. It's the two cherubs. I don't even know how long I've had it. Many years.

How has your style changed over the years?

I feel like I go back and forth. There's like this really boring version of myself and sometimes I'll have really normal brown hair and wear jeans and I'm trying to get a job, say, before the band. You can't look weird, to get a loser job. But I like looking crazy, so I'd go back and forth. I feel right now kind of like what I wanted to be in middle school. Like, all the stuff that I liked in middle school I wear now.

It gives hope to the middle school kids who feel like they can't dress the way they want to.

Yeah. Now and then I'll be like, "I just want to look like a rich Long Island mom!" I don't know why I do that sometimes [laughs]. You know, the blue and white stripes and floral things and weird stuff. Then I'll just be like, fuck it.

Then you just want to be an alien again.

Yes, I just want to be an alien.

Photographed by Alana Paterson

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