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Artists Alice Waese and David Flinn's Fort Greene home is full of life: Abundant plants, a coterie of cats and colorful textiles. It's no surprise that the seeds of both their multidisciplinary endeavors are planted and fostered here, as they spark off each other to weave their respective magic. We take a peek inside their home and find out what makes them better together.

Photographs by Jody Rogac

Hi Alice, tell us about yourself...

I make fine jewelry, handmade clothing, paintings, limited edition books and shoes.

How did you and David meet?

We met at the Jane Hotel. I was dancing and all my rings fell off; David moved tables to find them.

How do you compliment, challenge and inspire each other?

Our practices are very different: I'm more stressy and manic, David has taught me about chilling.

Describe your home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

It's such a good place with lots of weird angles and pretty light.

What kind of atmosphere do you look to create?

We like it to be a nice place to wake up but also an inspiring place to work, a productive zone and a good place to end the day.

How do you spend your time hanging out at home?

Working, reading, watching TV, eating, sleeping...

Tell us about the sweet feline friends you share your space with!

Baffie has a funny moustache. They're all rescues — ‘lil crazy brothers and sisters.

Hello David. Introduce yourself...

I am a sculptor. I primarily work with concrete and aluminum, juxtaposed with natural materials such as driftwood and leather.

How do you and Alice work together?

David: "You make tiny versions of things I make...?" Alice: "You make huge versions of things I make...?"

Describe your home in Brooklyn...

Like a treehouse filled with kittens.

How did your cats come into your life?

My sister does TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release), so we took care of several litters of kittens caught all around Brooklyn and housed them in our studio. Baffi, Frankie and Toto made the TEAM.

What atmosphere do you look to create in your space?

Warm, natural and airy.

Are there certain things you collect for your home?

I love antique oddities and crystals. Alice doesn't love the oddities so much!

How do you like to spend your time at home?

Lots of cooking, reading and sitcom marathons.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Industrial botanical.

What are you really into at the moment?


What can't you live without?


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