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About a Guy: Curtis Kulig

Interview by Kate Williams and Ally Mullen

We tapped Curtis, the artist behind the iconic "Love Me" campaign, to model for our men's catalog and answer a few questions about love, hate and broken noses.

Originally, were you the 'me' in "Love Me?"

Something like that, yes.

What's the biggest "Love Me" you've ever drawn, or the largest surface you've ever covered with it?

In L.A. on this wall on Melrose about three years ago. I did it with hydrants so people driving by were definitely confused.

What's the coolest non-hand-done "Love Me" piece you've made or had made?

I did this huge metal sculpture. I think it's like nine feet wide. I had to make it myself first, small scale, out of foam and I cut it then really got psycho about finishing every edge. Then my fabricator made it huge and I had it distressed.

Did you ever get in trouble for writing it someplace you weren't supposed to?

Never. Nope. Not once.

Where was the most dangerous place you've ever written it?


When you doodled in notebooks as a teenager, what did you draw?

I drew faces for a long time. Then animals. Now I draw a lot of ordinary objects and write out words in different scripts and lettering.

What are five things you are obsessed with at the moment?

Paris, hammams, linen, headstands, and black.

Can you play any instruments? If so, what? Can you play a song?

Guitar. Well only one Nirvana song—figures.

What's the cheesiest thing you've ever done to try and impress someone (like, you know, a girl)?

Cheesiest? I don't know. I once baked a girl a cake. And I never cook anything.

If you had to give yourself an official job title, what would it be? (And no, just "artist" isn't an acceptable answer!)


Do you have a specific modeling face you catch yourself doing in photos?

We joke that you have to burn the lens. I try not to think about it.

Be honest, have you ever written "Hate Me" in your sketchbooks?

No way.

What's the gnarliest injury you've ever sustained?

Broken nose, ouch! That's why it's so big now.

What's the worst way you've ever broken a cell phone, laptop or camera?

I had my cell phone in my breast pocket in Tokyo and I leaned over a bridge on the railing and it fell out into traffic. It was my first day in Japan.

What's a movie that really scared you? Tell the truth, this is a judgment-free zone.

I don't watch scary movies. I will cry watching just about any movie on an airplane. 50/50—that one with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt—I was a mess.

Where are you going on your next trip?

Istanbul, Turkey!

Haring or Warhol?


Going out dancing or staying in cuddled up watching movies?

Cuddle, of course

Beer or weed?


The Gonz or Jason Lee?

J. Lee's tre flip, Gonz's style

Pen or pencil?


True love or a great career?