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About a Guy: Adrian Lopez

Interview by Kate Williams

Adrian Lopez is a pro skater and the founder of Loser Machine and Dark Seas Division. He is also very particular about his Coors Light.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in East County, San Diego, then moved to North County when I was about 12-years-old.

How were you introduced to skateboarding?

My older brother handed me down a Valterra skateboard about the time I was 12-years-old. For the most part I used it for transportation. It wasn't until the first video I ever watched, Blind's Video Days, that I knew skateboarding was something in my heart. To this day, Jason Lee's song in that video reminds me of how much I love skateboarding.

You made a career out of skateboarding, what do you feel have been some of the factors of that success?

Besides doing what's expected of you as a pro skateboarder, I think a big part of my success came from realizing the business side of it. I never considered myself a talented skateboarder. I took what I had and worked my ass off to get done what I needed for skate videos, magazines and tours. I made it a point in my career to be loyal to my sponsors and that has really paid off.

What made you want to start Loser Machine and the Dark Seas Division?

I became a partner in a dive bar in Encinitas called the Daley Double Saloon and always had an interest in business and how companies work. A few of my friends and I were hanging out, skating, riding motorcycles, working on our cars and having a good time. One day we decided to come up with a name for our crew and that eventually became the basis of Loser Machine. We shared some common influences—skating and motorcycles gravitated to the surface—but we also had this thing for machines in general and the roughnecks that worked on them and built things by hand. Growing up in San Diego and seeing the military presence through Camp Pendleton—battle ships off the coast and tanks along side the highway—planted the "machine" seed. Going to the harbors, piers, beaches and marinas brought in the nautical side, which was Dark Seas Division.

So as founder, what's your day-to-day like?

I find myself applying what I learned from my skateboard career by being a part of the office team now. I am usually in five days a week and actively participating in design direction, marketing, the overall brand aesthetic and philosophy. I do still get out and skate whenever possible. Doing the 9-5 thing is definitely a change for me so it feels really good to get on the board lately.

Why do you think the crossover between skating and motorcycles is huge these days?

I think, like most things, that path was paved long ago by some unsung guys that liked the freedoms that skating and riding share in common. Jason Jessee should definitely be noted as one of the forefathers. These guys have more recently influenced a new crop of younger guys that are discovering those same feelings. It definitely feels like this counter culture is firmly on the radar these days.

Tell us how Loser Machine and The Dark Seas Division fit in with the brands out there today.

I think Loser and Dark Seas both have a grimy, mischievous and darker feel in the collections. It's great to see a fresh crop of brands bubbling right now but most don't touch on our aesthetic. It's really cool to see how kids are pairing up streetwear and workwear looks with the brands. I will say that I am pretty "West Coast" since that is my home but the design and sales team have really put a nice "East Coast" balance in our line.

Important Stuff:

Favorite beer:

Well, being a beer connoisseur and a bar owner, I'm very picky on this one. I like my Coors Light in a bottle nearly frozen but no ice at all formulated inside.

Favorite skate spot:

Lately I've been hitting up old spots that I grew up skating and it's been a blast. My old spots in San Diego don't have names but my friends and I spent many hours skating and just having fun as kids. I guess I'm just in search of the most fun I can have on my board right now.

Favorite music to skate to:

I'm all over the place on this one but you can find me riding my motorcycle or skating to anything from Outkast to Slayer. Whatever gets me pumped for what I'm trying to do.

Last words:

Yeah, I just want to say thanks to anyone that has supported me in any way throughout my career. I want to let everyone in my Loser Machine and Dark Seas camp know how much I appreciate them. You guys rule! Ride safe everyone...