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Introduce yourself!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I'm Alexandra Gorczynski and I live in Philadelphia. I love funny things, baby animals, the internet, champagne, nice weather, clothes, and boyz :P.

What was your youth like?

I grew up in a small beach town in Florida, Gulf Breeze. It's right on the Gulf of Mexico. It has really pretty beaches and I feel lucky I got to experience that, although at the time I couldn't wait to leave—I dyed my hair black and stayed as pale as possible. My parents were Polish immigrants and my mom was pregnant with me when they came here. The rest of my family stayed in Poland, so even though I was born and raised here, I still feel closely connected and that it's an important part of me.

How has your upbringing affected your art?

My dad was an artist, so I know I inherited some skills from him for sure. I was always drawing and painting or making stuff in general, and I can remember that he was the same way. They were really supportive of me and encouraged whatever creative endeavor I was into at the time.

Tell us about your art and what type of medias you use.

I'm an artist in life and in my work. I never feel like I have to stick to one area of art, and a lot of times an idea or work might cover many areas and use many tools. Video, installation, performance, drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture, photography—I'm involved in all of these, with a strong emphasis on the Internet as an important platform for me.

Where did you go to school?

I went to the Rhode Island School of Design and majored in painting.

How did you get started making videos?

I didn't start making videos until after I graduated from RISD. I dabbled a bit in school but it wasn't till the summer after that I made my first one. I didn't even have a computer yet, but I was just curious and excited by it and jumped right in. It's so dynamic and so complex in the process, and involved so many steps, digital and analog. I got my first computer when I was 24 and then I pretty much focused on digital art thereafter.

What is your video making process like?

It's almost a cathartic thing for me, where I have some loose sense of an idea or feeling, or visualize something, but it's really in the process of making it that things become more clear and I respond to what I'm seeing before me. It's a lot like painting for me; I work in a really abstract and open way.

Where do you draw inspiration from when making your videos?

My reflection in the glare of my computer screen.

Can you list five themes you use in your videos?

  1. Myself
  2. The process of making the piece
  3. Lo-fi / hi-fi
  4. The internet
  5. Sex

Do you prefer being in your videos or using other people?

Both. I like being in my videos, and even when I use a friend, I still see her character as a representation of myself. Sometimes it's difficult to use myself because as far as shooting footage, I have fewer options for shots. Also, I find myself critiquing my appearance in footage or becoming self-conscious, whereas when I use a friend I can view it with a better eye for what I'm really looking for. Considering most of my works are reflection pieces for me, ideally I'm looking into using more of myself so it is more genuine.

What is the idea behind your blog, Hologram City?

It's an image blog where I gather pictures from the net and create little curated stories. It's similar to a Tumblr but I think it's more specific. Each entry is a collection that is really based around themes and color palettes specific to that particular entry.

How entwined is your work and the internet?

Haha, a lot. I don't really know where to begin but not only is it a way to share my work with others, it also allows me to interact and meet other artists or my audience, gather inspiration, and see myself presented and existing in another dimension.

What are some projects you're working on now?

First and foremost, I'm finally finishing my website. I'm also working on a piece for a show that Francesca Gavin from Dazed and Confused Magazine is curating in May, which I'm really excited about. On top of that, I'm looking into starting a vinyl goods company and putting my sewing skills to the test. I'm way into vinyl for a while now and have some cool ideas for bags and such!

Aside from your art, what do you do for a living?

I also work part-time for a good friend of mine, she has hand-made accessories company called Giant Dwarf. Another close friend of mine works there too, and it's like getting paid to hang out with my sisters and make stuff all day.

What is your personal style like?

Transparent, plastic, and furry.

Where are your five favorite things that you own?

  1. My computer. I can use it to make art.
  2. My computer. I can talk to people.
  3. My computer. I can look at cool stuff.
  4. My iPhone. I can be on the Internet all the time.
  5. My clothes. I think they're cool. I like buying them as well as wearing them :P.

What are five places that inspire you in Philadelphia?

  1. My room. My computer is here.
  2. The studio I work at. My friends are there.
  3. American Thrift. Clothes are there.
  4. The internet. My friends and I are there.
  5. The dollar store. It's dusty and cheap and strange.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Doing more of what I'm doing now but hopefully making more and having a bigger room.

What is your life motto?

"No shame."

Can you give some advice to girls out there who want to try doing what you do?

Get weirder!