• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Stevie Nicks, Likely Witch

    My whole life I was told Stevie Nicks was a witch. My family is full of the type of people who will casually say "there's no question she's a witch," like that's a normal thing to do. So, I was a little disappointed when today I finally took to Google to find (in the Wikipedia section specifically titled "Rumors of Witchcraft,") that Stevie denies any association with Wicca. Whatever, Stevie. I've seen how you dress! I mean, between songs about "crystal visions," (on one of the best, mythically awesome albums of all time) and bestowing magical trinkets, I still lean toward the witch theory. Whatever you believe, if you dress as Stevie for Halloween, people will either think you're one of the iconic female singers of the century, or a witch. You're really dressed as both, so it's win, win...win. Angelo

    Get the look:

    Staring At Stars Boho Babydoll Dress

    Staring At Stars Velvet Bell-Sleeve Cropped Top

    Staring At Stars Embroidered Silky Fringe Jacket

    Staring At Stars Lace Fringe Tunic Top

    Staring At Stars Folkloric Fringe Tank