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You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Sid Vicious

Punk icon Sid Vicious lived a fast, hard and dangerous life.  In the short 21 years of his existence, he was able to create a lasting legacy beyond his wildest imagination.  With the combination of his reckless lifestyle, his undeniable talent and his violent relationship with girlfriend Nancy Spungen, the former Sex Pistols bassist was a force to be reckoned with.  While he may not be a role model, he sure does make for one badass costume. Attention skinny dudes, this one's for you. -Ally

Schott 626 Moto Jacket
In his suicide note, Sid requested to be buried in his leather jacket, which means wearing one is absolutely essential. Get your hands on one and then go pick up a bag of studs from your local craft store.  Once you get home, stud the collar and shoulders, then maybe add a few badass buttons

Lock Pendant Necklace
Who needs a shirt when you have a lock around your neck?  Sid was given his infamous lock necklace from Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and it immediately became his staple accessory. If you're going all out, add some fake bloody scratches onto your chest to make it look like you and Nancy just got into a fight backstage.

THVM Skinny Raw Black Jean
Find the tightest black jeans possible to squeeze your legs into.  Up the punx, man!

Brixton Cerro Leather Belt
Obviously those skin-tight jeans aren't coming off, but you still need a belt because that's the way Sid rolled. Break out those studs again and go crazy.

Urban Renewal Vintage Men's Combat Boot
Sid stole his boots from a former roadie, so wearing some vintage combat boots is kind of like the same thing (except just don't steal them from us, because now we'll know you're trying).  Stomping around the streets in these bad boys are sure to get you some stares.

Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder
Sid's big spiked out black hair is the key to his signature look. This little pink bottle may not look very punk, but trust me when I say it gets the job done.

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