• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Penny Lane

    If you've never seen Almost Famous, drop whatever you're doing and go watch it immediately.  Seriously, I'll wait right here.  Oh hey, welcome back! Now that you've just viewed one of my favorite films, you know that Penny Lane is one of the most tragically beautiful characters of all time.  She's the mysterious teen queen of the "Band-Aids" who you can't help but fall in love with just as quickly as William Miller does.  Here's how to get the '70s groupie chick look that will make everyone think you're just stopping by a party on your way to the next Stillwater show. -Ally

    MINKPINK Hendrix Faux Fur Trim Coat
    First off, you need a badass fur coat to show you're not too sweet for rock 'n' roll and can totally hang with all of the musicians you'll be meeting on the road.  You'd hang with normal people too, but famous people are just more interesting.

    Dolcetta by Dolce Vita Harness Heel Boot
    Although Penny dancing barefoot on the flower-filled stage is one of the greatest scenes of the entire movie, you're going to need some killer boots to get through the long driving days, the late night parties and the back door of a venue.

    Stone Cold Fox Oui Crop Top
    Cooperative Suede Snap Front Mini Skirt
    One of the most important things about being a Band-Aid is dressing the part.  A cropped top, suede skirt and a alluring smile will have the hottest guy in the band watching you the whole time as you stand side-stage during his gig.

    Lux Revival for Urban Renewal Vintage Carnival Knife Necklace
    Penny likes to keep her jewelry simple: a ring, a backstage pass, and a flower or two.  A charm-inspired necklace like this will be a perfect addition to your already perfect outfit.

    Diament Jewelry for Urban Renewal Vintage Initial Heart Ring
    It's no secret that Penny has a past with Stillwater's Russell Hammond.  You should hear the things he tells her private. A golden R ring for the golden rock god is a just a little way you can show your devotion to him—a love that can only be just as much as it can be.

    Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream
    A Band-Aid's goal is not to sleep to famous people, but to inspire the musicians who write the music that they love.  Miss Lane's curly blonde locks are one of the most inspiring things about her. Get yourself a head full of curls and you'll be having songs written about you by the end of the night.

    Spitfire Lola Sunglasses
    A life on the road means the road is your home.  Sometimes though, something will shake up your tour family (like Russell's wife showing up after he sold you for fifty bucks and a case of beer) and you'll need to get away.  Not only will these blue shades hide any tears, but they'll look great on you when you finally decide to live your own dream and move to Morocco (or just go home to sleep after the Halloween party ends).

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