• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Lisa Rowe

    There's nothing scarier than someone who's dead inside—it's like hanging out with a zombie who's smart enough to kill you with a few pushes of the wrong buttons.  After writer Susanna Kaysen attempts suicide, she befriend 8-year-vet Lisa Rowe during her stay at the Claymoore Psychiatric Hospital.  Though Susanna is the main character in the book, Lisa steals the spotlight in the film adaptation of Girl, Interrupted as the terrifyingly beautiful sociopath played by Angelina Jolie. Want to get the look? Here's how. -Ally

    WAAR for Urban Renewal Perrin Jacket
    Hey man, it's the '70s and everyone's wearing army jackets.  Don't have your own? Steal one from an unsuspecting guy during one of the many times you run away from the hospital.

    BDG Crewneck Tee

    BDG Burnout Racerback Tank Top
    Lisa sticks to the basics. Wear a yellow or white T-shirt, or a grungy tank. 

    BDG Twill Cigarette Pant
    You'll need a pair of green pants that you love because you'll be wearing them every single day of your life. Get them a size bigger, Lisa wears her's baggy.

    Cooperative Pony Belt
    Okay so she might not choose to wear her jeans baggy, but tonguing your meds, smoking tons of cigarettes, and not eating keeps Lisa on the thin side.  A big black belt will help hold those drooping jeans right on.

    Ray-Ban Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses
    For those rare days Lisa goes into the sunlight, she wears some rad shades.  This pair will go perfect for a walk through the grounds, a trip to the ice cream parlor, or one of her always effective escape plans.

    Bloody Gauze Bandage
    She might not know where here aorta is, but the razor is no stranger to her arms.  These bandages are a must to complete the look.

    UO Stacking Bracelets
    One way Lisa tries to cover her bandages are her bracelets. Stacking style might help a bit.

    PAUL & JOE Face Powder
    Find a shade a few lighter than your own and get to work. You want to look sickly and on the brink of death.  Lisa doesn't have much color in her skin so the paler, the better.

    NYX Matte Lipstick
    Find a lip shade closest to your skin color (adding some powder to your lips will help too) to get the full face free-of-blood look. Now, all you need is a blonde wig, chopped off bangs and a messy 'do, and you'll look like you've just escaped from Claymoore with no intentions of getting caught.

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