• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Johnny Rotten

    Johnny Rotten, a true fashion icon when it comes to true punk style, is an excellent choice for your Halloween costume this year, guys. He was the front man of the Sex Pistols, making oversize blazers, creepers, and wildly colored looks majorly popular. Aside from the physical clothing for this look, you'll need a healthy dose of attitude, because Johnny was all about sticking it to the man in the mid '70s, and still is, quite frankly. (He's now the front man of Public Image Limited.) Also on your necessities is a fading orange mop of hair, Johnny's signature look in those days. Get your 'tude ready, your favorite plaid blazer, some leather, and listen to Nevermind the Bollocks to get in the mood! Time to get punky this Halloween! Maddie

    Get the look:

    Tripp NYC Tartan Top Cat Jacket
    Plaid blazer, check.

    Tripp NYC Silver Moto Jacket
    If you're not into the plaid blazer, what's more punk than a shiny silver biker jacket? I don't think anything.

    Character Hero X-Ray Tee
    All of the necessary attitude for this costume in one tee shirt!

    Levi's 511 Corduroy Pant
    A pair of colorful pants that are just bright enough.

    Mosson Bricke Patent-Leather Buck Shoe
    Johnny often had rad creepers on, and these will do just the trick.

    Mix & Match Pin
    You'll need this pin with the Sex Pistols' most famous line on it.

    Creative Image Adore Hair Color
    Here's all the orange hair dye you'll need!

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