• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: Jem

    If you want to be excitement, adventure, glamour and glitter all on Halloween night, look no further than Jem from the 1980s tv show Jem and The Holograms. Jem is the holographic rock star alter ego of Jerrica Benton, a music producer and foster parent. Woah, a philanthropist who moonlights as a super awesome glittery rock star? What can't this woman do? Not to mention I totally cover Jem's cotton candy colored lifestyle. That takes some serious commitment. Here's how to get the truly outrageous (truly, truly, truly outrageous) Jem look! - Hazel

    Hair Wear MakeUp
    Unless you have crazy lavender locks, you're going to need some of this temporary hair makeup to get the Jem 'do. If you're feeling especially committed to the Jem look, grab the Manic Panic!

    Eye Rock Gems
    Your name is Jem! Best believe you're going to need some serious glitz action on every part of your face. Start with some of these gems on your eyes!

    NYX Glitter Powder
    Put. It. All. Over. Your. Face. Period.

    Pins and Needles Strapless Crepe Peplum Dress
    Hot pink mini-dress with peplum? So '80s. Perfect for dancing on a giant star stage that's whizzing through outer space, too. Ya know, just your typical Halloween shenanigans!

    Shining Star Stud Earring Set
    You're gonna need a pair of glittery star earrings to project holograms!

    Not Your Mother's Miss Freeze Hairspray
    Pump up your hair to magical proportions with this freezing hairspray that smells like kiwifruit and watermelon!

    Karaoke Machine
    This hot pink karaoke machine is just BEGGING for an '80s cartoon popstress to use it. Might I suggest "She's Got The Power"?

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