• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: A Tumblr Girl

    Why be a boring old witch for Halloween when you can be a ~ ✞ Tumblr Wi†ch ✞ ~ ? The leading ladies of the Tumblr crowd have hair the color of Jolly Ranchers, photobooth selfie-taking skills beyond belief, and rats, rats, rats. Here's how to channel the Tumblr Generation for your Hallows Eve night (weird Tumblr handle not included.) - Hazel

    Classic Bob Wig
    Mess it up liberally for that "I just woke up after a full night of dancing back-up for Grimes" look. Don't forget to add some super kawaii baby barrettes!

    Y.R.U. Bloq Lace-Up Flatform Boot
    I wouldn't be surprised if the entire Tumblr community isn't salivating over these by now. Perfect for stomping around any Halloween party, just make sure you don't trip in these babies after one too many PBRs. 

    Junk Food Beavis & Butt-Head School Sucks Tee
    Ladies on Tumblr (for whatever reason) swoon over these two metal-head wackos, so wear this T-shirt for maximum Tumblr vibes. While you're at it, chop off the sleeves, tie-dye it, and cut it into a crop top. 

    BDG Metallic Legging
    Pants? What? No need. Throw on these shiiiiny (emphasis on SHINY) leggings and make sure you make about 20 .gifs or so of you wearing them.

    Anna Sui Vivid Lip Rouge
    A black pout for kissin' all your Tumblr h8ers goodbye.

    Tattly Temporary Tattoos
    Get some sweet tats (even if they are temporary, which is way lame and not very Tumblr but whatever) of ice cream and junkfood. Ugh, if only they made McDonalds themed tattoos.

    Googly Eye iPhone 4/4S Case
    When you take outfit shots of yourself in every single reflective surface you come across (mirror, window, toilet bowl water), make sure you have a cool yet quirky yet slightly DIY-looking iPhone case! This one is perfect because, of course, everyone on the web is watching you!