• You Should Totally Be This For Halloween: '90s Gwen Stefani

    Short, bright, colorful hair, sparkly bindis, dark lipstick—what's not to love about how Gwen Stefani looked in the mid '90s? Gwen continues to be a personal style inspiration to this day, but what she wore in the early days of No Doubt will always be my favorite. Gather up these things to create your Tragic Kingdom ensemble for Halloween! - Maddie

    Nesh Lux Cropped Bra Top

    Cheap Monday Qiang Pant
    Pair this sporty black crop top with an equally awesome bottom. These grungy plaid trousers will do you good. They're a nice throwback and they'll keep your look just feminine enough to fit in with the boys that make up the rest of your band.

    Evil Twin Archaic Eyelash Jacket

    Dr. Martens 1460 Worn Broken-In Boot
    Since the first part of your outfit is pretty simple, ad a colorful fuzzy jacket to channel the infamous blue bra she once wore, and a pair of good worn in docs.


    Hair Wear Makeup
    Put on as many crystal bindis as possible, and dye your hair. Since you probably won't want to commit to pink or blue hair for just one night, try hair makeup that quickly washes out when the night is over. It comes in pink, blue, purple...any color you can imagine, just like Gwen's choppy '90s bob!

    NYX Matte Lipstick
    Last but not least, you've got to slap on that deep red lipstick for the night. Your look won't be complete without it!

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