• Worst Party Guests Ever

    The other day I cried over a childrens' clothing commercial, and I want everyone to get on my level. How am I supposed to muster up my normal level of hilarity at parties when I can't even hold it together over a pointless commercial? That's why I'm going to throw my own party and invite the biggest Debbie Downers I can think of. Solidarity, man. -Katie

    Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
    Attending a party with Liz Lemon wouldn't be any fun at all because she'd be too busy eye-rolling at all of the guests and snarking on everyone in the room. Just what we need for a terrible night!

    Jessa Johansson from Girls
    Jessa on Girls is kind of a nightmare. She totally hates 95% of all people and things in the world, and you know as soon as she got to your party, she'd start judging you, make a disgusted sigh and start planning her departure. PERFECT. We don't want anyone having fun around here.

    Nick Miller from New Girl
    Nick Miller also hates 95% of all people and things. He's absolutely adorable, but five minutes into a conversation with him and you'll be looking for the exit. Every horrible party has to have a cute guy, and Nick is the best curmudgeon for the job.

    Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers
    Tina is just a beautiful little raincloud wherever she goes. That monotone voice! Those despairing groans! Her teenage angst! All of this combined makes her the perfect Debbie Downer.

    Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
    Everyone I know has a weird crush on Ron Swanson, but I think he'd be pretty terrible to hang out with in real life. Always talking about how much he hates the government? Never smiling? THROWING OUT HIS COMPUTER? Terrible for crushing on, but perfect for Debbie Downer invites.