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    The Women's Collection designed by Lotte Berk Nielsen

    Where do you live?
    Copenhagen, Nørrebro area...neighbor-house to the Wood Wood office.

    When did you join Wood Wood?
    More or less in the very beginning, in 2003, first helping out with the boys and sewing and printing, then it became more steady and full time, with my first girl's collection in 2005.

    What are some influences behind your designs?
    For AW10, there was a mix of grungy and buffalo influences.  Animalistic and rustic visuals.  Definitely '90s fascination and, as always, the Wood Wood girl type: tomboyish-feminine. 

    What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your collection?
    A self-confident individual, a sexy tomboy.  Casual and aware of urban time waves.  She doesn't lose her femininity by wearing a rather boy-inspired look.  She is into sneakers, flats and heels. 

    How does the Wood Wood women's collection reflect the men's, and vice-versa?
    We share a few prints and fabrics and the casual street looks, but girls tend to go more fashion and boys tend to go more sporty.  The girls borrow into the boy's style.  M65 parkas, bumper-jackets.  

    What is your favorite piece from your collection?
    My favorite items are the long, black "Eve" coat in sand-washed silk, or the long, green melange "Eve" cardy-dress in fine wool.  Also, I love the "Violetta" shirt in animal printed cotton, and I would wear it buttoned up under a cardy or blazer.

    How would you describe Danish style?
    We've always been considered the more exotic country of Scandinavia, and I guess we are a bit more colorful, printed and avant-garde than our neighboring Swedes or Norwegians.  Though the casual jean-tee-sweat look is also preferred.  We are a very sunglass-happy, which can be quite amusing.

    Is there anything about your line that denotes a Danish influence?
    The fabrics we use are mainly cottons and wools, and as pure of composition as possible.  Simple details and cuts.  They are rarely shiny or exaggerated.  Like in the Danish furniture heritage, there is sort of a "close to nature" feel to it, but in a very urban version.

    If a visitor only had a weekend in your city, where would you tell them to go?
    Copenhagen is so small that almost everything is in walking/biking distance.  I'd rent a bike and cycle around town area to area, and cross the city-bridges.  Copenhagen is surrounded by water and the skyline is quite low.  I'd go to Nørrebo and Vesterbo and Holem, where Christiania is situated.  Christiania is a social experiment with self-goverment and a democracy based on dialogue replacing majority voting.  It was started in some abandoned army barracks in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1971.

    Lotte Berk Nielsen

    What is the most fun thing about being a fashion designer?
    It's not only fun and glamour.  It's hard work.  To me the most fun and stimulating thing is to create and play with colors and fabrics and prints and, with that, to make the big puzzle work.  I prefer partying with my colleagues rather than going to some fashion event.  I enjoy observing the exhibitionist crowd rather than being part of it. 

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