• Wish List: Festival Essentials

    Wish List: The Great Outdoors

    Festival season is upon us and if you're about to head to SXSW (like us!), then you're probably starting to plan what essentials you're going to be taking with you. If you aren't hitting the fest-circuit this year, then these home items will at least make you feel like you're there. (Which is especially nice if you want the feeling of the great outdoors without the dirt and the 3,000 drunk adults.) Katie

    Globe Graphic Bantam Skateboard
    When there are no taxis within a 50 mile radius after a long day of band-stalking, you'll be glad you packed this cute little skateboard to scoot home on. It may not be super fast, but it'll sure beat walking.

    Around the World in 80 Raves
    If you aren't exactly sure what festival you want to hit up this year, Around the World in 80 Raves will open your eyes to fests you didn't even know existed. (And if you're not planning on going anywhere except your couch, this is almost as good as being there.)

    Quilt Held In Splendor LP
    One of our favorite records for getting into the road-trippin' spirit.

    Fashion Flap Journal
    Perfect for when your phone dies and you just absolutely need to jot down the name of that band with the cute lead singer who played at 1:30 AM.

    Magical Thinking Flower-Tile Handmade Rug
    Thin rugs like this are great for ploppin' down on the grass at festivals. Plus, they'll totally look great in pictures.

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