• Who Wore It Best?: Bear Coat

    At Comic Con we saw a lot of bear coats. A lot of bear coats. Like, more than you would ever think you'd see. So we decided which ones were our favorites. Who do you think wore it best?

    Obviously this guy is the winner. He's got the pose. He's got the thing fully on even though it was probably way hot outside. He doesn't look like he wants to die. This guy is a bear coat star. A STAR.

    This might be the same guy. Not even sure. This guy is also rocking the hell out of this coat. Because maybe he's the same as the first guy.

    TWO bear coats in a 1 foot radius! That's how great they are! But like, c'mon, dudes. You gotta put the hoods up. A bear coat without the hood up is just a normal fur coat, and where's the fun in that?

    Maybe this photo is blurry because this guy was blurry IRL. Who knows? We don't. (Also, listen, it's hard taking paparazzi shots.) But at least the dude has the hood up. And for that, we commend him.

    IDK, we're just feeling sweaty and sad :( Cheer up, fella. Your bear coat is delightful.