• What Would The Crawley Sisters Want?

    Urban Outfitters is actually a lot like Downton Abbey if you think about it. Just kidding, it's nothing like Downton Abbey. Anyway the Crawley sisters Edith, Mary, and Sybil of Downtown Abbey all have totally different personalities. Edith is the jealous outcast, Mary is really stuck-up and into herself, and Sybil is the cool rebel. Despite their differences, Urban Outfitters has something for all of them for the holidays! None of them are women's rights, unfortunately. Sorry ladies! Here are some gifts for the Downton gals because lord knows they need some fun and cool things in that boring, big ass house. - Hazel

    Thistlepearl The Dreamer Dress
    The times are changin' in early 19th Century England. Can you say "flapper?" Say pip-pip cheerio (or whatever British people say) to the modest dresses and hello to shorter hems and drop waist dresses like this one!

    TLC - CrazySexyCool
    The Crawleys just got a phonograph turntable not that far back so you know what that means? Actual good music playing in the house! I bet the Downton trio would appreciate TLC's "CrazySexyCool." Judging by all the scandals in the Downton house, seems like these girls have a serious "Case of The Fake People" on their hands 24/7

    Brixton Avenue Boater Hat
    Downton girls love HATS. They're obviously open-minded when it comes to the head accessory game. This red boater hat is just a little scandalous (ooh! RED!) but conservative enough to not have Lord Grantham get all, "Sybil, you're tarnishing the family name with that subversive hat." Also the hat is from Brixton, which is English, so DUH.

    You Are So Loved
    Some seriously terrible things have happened to these Downton girls that include, but are not limited to: accidentally killing a dude while losing your V-card to him, being a WWI nurse and witnessing a ton of deaths, and being labeled a spinster by your own parents! Rough times, right? The girls would gladly take this book for some optimism. It's also just straight up pretty looking. 

    Melissa Flagg Union Jack Perfume in "Queen"
    This perfume blends magnolia, lily, and freesia to create a royal scent fit for the Queen of England. The girls would love it!