• What Would Taylor Swift Want?

    I have a really complicated relationship with Taylor Swift. On the one hand, my love for her knows no bounds because she is a gift from the pop music gods. On the other hand, I sometimes want to tuck her into bed and tell her to stay inside until she's 26 and settled down a little bit. Do you hear me, T. Swifty? Obviously if you make the conscious decision to date John Mayer terrible things are going to happen. I can only feel bad for you for so long. I will scream-sing loudly to "We-EEEEE are NEVER EVER EVER getting back together" until the end of time, but let's just make a hot cup of tea and stay away from men for a bit. Take some "me" time! Date yourself! Who needs dudes anyway, am I right? YOU GOT THIS, GIRL! Until then, here are some things Taylor Swift would totally put on her "TREAT YO'SELF" breakup wish list. -Katie

    Anna Sui Dazzle Lip Rouge
    A nice red lipstick to slap on before going out to the bar to complain about men.

    Hair Wear MakeUp
    Washable hair color is a much better way to express your angst than a pop song that will be around until the end of time.

    The Indie Cred Test
    Taylor has a vendetta against hipsters, but I think she might be indie-er than she realizes.

    Spiral Notebook
    A notebook to put feelings in. If those feelings are still really real after two years, then you can turn them into a pop song.

    Thistlepearl The Nightengale Dress
    Taylor loves wearing nude, sequined things and I think this nude, sequined thing would look particularly lovely on her.

    Cat Power - Sun 2XLP
    Cat Power also likes to sing sad songs. Listen to her, Taylor! Even if you think her indie record is much cooler than yours.

    Harry Styles

    Hear me out. Harry loves older women. Taylor loves 18-year-olds. Harry is as nice as a newborn kitten (or so I'm assuming). Taylor would never be sad again! IT'S PERFECT. (If you guys get together, plz invite me to the wedding.)