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What Would Shoshanna Want?

She's a Carrie at heart, with, like, some Samantha aspects, you know? Shoshanna from HBO's Girls is the kind of girl who has a perfectly teal and pink, color-coordinated apartment, but still accidentally smokes crack at Bushwick warehouse parties. Here's what to get Shoshanna for the holidays or any of the other ladies (you ARE the ladies) in your life. - Hazel

A cherry-scented perfume that comes in a cupcake? So fucking classy.

All the makeup she could ever need so she can make her face look, like, hauntingly beautiful.

Oh my F-ing G, no way, this dress is totes gorgeous. Get it.

Because, well, she's new to it. 

Flower! Headband! It's almost, like, painfully pretty.