• What Would Morrissey Want?

    The ever mysterious, dreamy and iconic Morrissey is known for his role as outspoken frontman for The Smiths in the '80s. I often find his lyrics paired with Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr's sweet riffs quite relatable when I'm feeling various emotions. Since most of his songs for The Smiths were (and still are) sometimes ironic, cynical or downright sad, I thought cheering up Smiths-era Moz with some gifts would probably be a fabulous idea. But remember, you can only bake him vegan treats to go along with these cool things I thought he might like. - Maddie

    Vanishing Elephant Eisenhower Shirt
    First of all, you've gotta get Moz a new printed button down. He always wore the coolest loose, printed shirts on and off stage. He'd probably want to rip it off while performing at some point though.

    Spitfire Studio Tan Sunglasses
    These cool, clear brown sunglasses are perfect for Morrissey, they'd go right along with his other specs!

    CSERA Surfaces for Society6 Horticouture 1 Print
    When once asked why he danced around with flowers on stage, Morrissey replied with, "it's better than waving socks about." If you can't buy him some fresh flowers this holiday season, I suggest you get him this beautiful print that will last forever.

    Clarks Desert Mali Boot
    Despite not eating meat, Moz obviously loved wearing leather desert boots in the 80s, as you can see in this photo, so why not grab him this spruced up pair?

    O'Hanlon Mills Fair Isle Sweater
    Lastly, I think Morrissey would probably dig this fair isle sweater. Maybe he'd even want to mix and match with that cool printed button down you already bought him!

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