• What Would Lucille Want?

    Lucille Bluth, matriarch of the eternally wacky Bluth family, is a prime example of what you shouldn't do as a parent. Whether she's guzzling vodka, or telling her children how much she doesn't care for GOB, she's always doing exactly the wrong thing. Which makes her a whole lot of fun. Let's take a look at some of Lucille's (probable) must-haves. —Katie

    Lucille's Picks:

    6oz. Fun Flask
    Would it kill her to let some vodka go bad?

    Banana Pillow
    "I mean, it's one banana, Michael. What could it cost? $10?"

    Toasted Coaster
    Sometimes all you need in the morning is a vodka rocks... and a piece of toast.

    Love: Fries By Love Food Editors
    Even though Lucille's system isn't used to curly fries, I have a feeling she could learn to love them if she tried.

    Star Wars Print Tee
    "Here's some money. Go see a star war."

    KeepCup To-Go Cup
    A cup with a lid, because if she wanted something your thumb touched, she'd eat the inside of your ear.

    Hippies Always Welcome Poster
    Okay, except cross out the "always" part because we all know Oscar is the only hippie Lucille would touch with a 10-foot pole.