• What Would Kelly Want?

    'Tis the season to be a badass chick! Kelly Bundy from the TV show Married With Children would want a lot of leather and skin-tight ensembles for Christmas. With her tough Valley Girl vibes and party girl attitude, Kelly would know how to have a super awesome time this holiday season. Here's what we think she would want for Xmas!

    She'd definitely want a super body-con slinky dress to attract all the dudes. But literally, ALL the dudes.

    This chunky platform black leather heel seems perfect for Kelly Bundy.

    Kelly would love these cross earrings because she's, like, super religious and all. Wait, or maybe, like, not?

    How can Kelly make her hair even more bitchin'? With these awesome clip-in hair extensions!

    And the brightest red lipstick ever, to leave her mark when she smooches a hot dude. -Hazel

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