• What Would John Waters Want?

    Filmmaker, artist, writer, and all around filthy dude John Waters would no doubt have a totally whacked-out Christmas gift list. The Pope of Trash loves all that is shocking, campy and generally ridiculous. For the holidays, here are just a few gift ideas for John Waters. - Hazel

    Fart Bomb
    As a die-hard prankster and a lover of, well, disgusting people, John Waters would love these fart bombs. Ugh, gross? Or sneaky and awesome? YOU DECIDE.

    PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ Instant Film by Impossible Project
    Waters takes a polaroid of every person that visits his house, so he might appreciate some of the Impossible Project's vintage film, like this Silver Shades set of film!

    Lana Del Ray - Born To Die LP
    BABY WE WERE BORN TO DIE, right? I have this feeling that John Waters would love Lana del Rey in all her kooky campiness. Start him off with her debut, even though I swear "My P***y Tastes Like Pepsi Cola" is totally something Babs Johnson would snarl at tabloid photographers.

    The Art Book: New Edition by Phaidon Press
    John Waters has an art collection that most modern art museums would drool over. Give him MORE art with the latest edition of Phaidon's Art Book. Does he need it? Probably not, but one can never have too many art books. I think J.W. would agree.

    Bacon & Eggs Ornament
    What do you buy a man who has fake food in every room of his house? Fake food for his Christmas tree, duh.