• What Would Hemingway Want?

    Papa, Ernie, Hemingway—the guy was so manly that he actually preferred to write standing up (I, on the other hand, wrote this post while laying on the couch). This rugged idol had a distinct style and I think he'd be pretty happy with some of the gifts I've picked out for him. Or at least as happy as he's going to be. -Bob

    General Assembly Field Blazer
    A tweed blazer—definitely a no brainer for our man. Wear it in the field, wear it at the pub, wear it everywhere.

    Glass Gun Decanter
    It's no secret that Hemingway liked guns, or imbibing. When you fill up a gun-shaped glass with alcohol, you've got something special. 

    Embroidered Chambray Tie
    I haven't come across many photographs of Ernie wearing a tie but I managed to find one or two like this one where he's wearing something simple. I'm thinking he'd be pretty into this number with its mild embroidery.

    Penfield Oxon Messenger Bag
    I can definitely see him out in the field wearing this Penfield bag over his shoulder with a shot gun in hand. 

    Lifetime Collective Dunham Zip Hood Sweater
    A solid cardigan to go under that tweed blazer. The thicker and chunkier the knit, the better!