• What Would Grimes Want?

    Gotta admit, I'm not entirely sure if Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is even human. She's probably some mystical fairy alien who descended onto Earth to grace us with her rad music. But, human or not, I know what gifts she would probably love for the holidays. Here are some ideas for what to get this Canadian electro-songstress. -Hazel

    The Book of Skulls
    In addition to being a musician, Boucher is also an extremely talented artist. Judging by the album art for Visions and her work, I'd guess Grimes has a thing for skulls. Perfect gift!

    Face Gems
    You can never have too many decorative gems for your face, and Claire Boucher gets this. Give her more! 

    Purity Ring - Shrines LP
    Grimes would definitely want fellow 4AD labelmate Purity Ring's debut album Shrines, a synth-pop record that pairs perfectly with Grimes' music.

    Daydreamer LA Camo Guadelupe Muscle Tee
    The girl is always wearing that camo jacket! Doesn't she get hot on stage? Something tells me she'd dig this camo muscle tee with the Virgin of Guadelupe on it. 

    Micro Gem Headphones
    These futuristic looking headphones would be perfect for Grimes to use as she listens to her own music while dancing at a dirt-bike show/football game!