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What Would '80s Carrie Bradshaw Wear?

Does anyone else watch The Carrie Diaries? (Insert tumbleweed .gif here.) It's kind of like every other CW show that's ever been made, but it's sort of fun because it takes place in the '80s so there's a lot of halfhearted '80s things going on. Like Carrie's outfits are pretty fun, but you know if this were taking place in the real '80s everything would be a nightmare. NGL, though, I hope this starts a revolution and brings back the fanny pack, for real (the older and crankier I get, the more I realize that the fanny pack is a perfect invention).  Here's some of the things I can picture Miss Bradshaw wearing this season.—Katie

Guns N' Roses Sweatshirt

Deena & Ozzy Mermaid Backpack

Lucca Couture Silky Bird Blazer

Ecote Studded Fanny Pack

Urban Renewal Acid Wash Destroyed Denim Short

Flower Hair Twist

byCORPUS Acid Wash Tie-Front Tank Top