• What I'm Taking to Coachella: Ryan

    Name: Ryan Wood
    Title: Associate Buyer of Men’s Accessories

    Why I am excited for Coachella this year:
    This winter has been dragging out entirely too long, so breaking away from the cold to go to Coachella couldn’t come at a better time. It’s always great to see so many people with unique senses of style in one place, so I’m excited to check out just how weird people are getting. A bunch of brands we work with are going to be there, so it’s always good to hang with those guys and not talk about work for once. On the music side, my taste in music is all over the place, so I’m pumped to go from a chill acoustic set to a super wubby dubstep situation. Couple of must-see’s for me are Alt-J, Ben Howard, Dillon Francis, Disclosure, definitely Wu-Tang, and you know 2 Chainz should get pretty strange.

    What I'm taking to Coachella: 

    Spitfire Studio Tan Sunglasses

    I have these shades in two colors, and pretty much swear by them. They kind of make you look like Frank Sinatra circa 1943, which is pretty much the coolest anyone has ever looked in the history of the world. Plus, the price is right, so if I lose them it won’t ruin my trip.

    Analog Poncho
    What’s a music festival in the desert without a drug rug? It’s going to be hot during the day, but this thing is perfect for when it cools down at night. Shooting for the look of "homeless Phish fan" mixed with "40-year-old surfer bro that quit his accounting job in Minneapolis eight years ago to rent out snorkel equipment to tourists in Cabo."

    Vans Classic Slip-On Checkerboard Sneaker
    I’m usually not a big slip-on sneaker guy, but these are so iconic that it's hard not to like them. Plus, they’re efficient as hell at airport security checkpoints.

    Vans Casual Friday Aloha Shirt
    Everyone needs AT LEAST one ridiculous party shirt. I only wear one a handful of times a year, but it’s a walking conversation-starter without fail. I plan on wearing nothing but party shirts the entire weekend.

    Hawkings McGill Cutoff Chino Short
    These are my go-to shorts in the summer, and I have them in probably 4 different colors. I DIY sun-bleached & paint-splattered my khaki ones because I like to keep it real weird, so I’ll definitely be rocking those.

    ZIRH Restore Herbal Eye Cream
    This is my super-secret weapon for those struggle mornings when I look like a zombie.

    Undefeated Bucket Hat
    Are buckets a ridiculous piece of headwear? 100%. But if you can pull off a bucket then you pretty much win life. Everyone thinks I look stupid in a bucket…but they’re all wrong. I look awesome in a bucket.

    Herschel Supply Co. Walton Weekender Bag
    This duffel is the perfect carry-on bag. Lots of pockets to stash my TSA-approved 3oz. shampoo bottles, plus people will probably think I’m a super famous rock 'n roll guy because I have weird luggage, regardless of the fact that I have the middle seat in the back of the plane next to eight crying babies

    Inflatable Giraffe
    Walk into a random house party and don’t know anyone? Blow up a five foot tall inflatable giraffe in the living room and BOOM! Instant friends.