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What I'm Taking to Coachella: Kate

Name: Kate Williams

Job: Urban Outfitters Editorial Director, aka blogger-in-chief

Why I'm excited about Coachella this year: Coachella is everything I love about California packed into three days: sun, desert, beautiful people, incredible clothes and music, music, music. I'm also secretly a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, and really hoping Flea wears these pants, or that they all just play naked.

What I'm taking to Coachella:
I love UNIF's valley-girl-thug-life vibe, and a sweatshirt's a good thing to have when the sun goes down.

These have become my go-to sneakers because they look super-cute with girly skirts and dresses. And though I can barely trip over a skateboard, dudes don't seem to care and are always complimenting me on these shoes. 

I love tye-dye, especially when it is something a little more subtle than the classic Wavy Gravy rainbow. Also, maxi-dresses mean you're going to have a much easier time sitting on the ground than your body-con clad friends. 

Insight swimwear is just so good. Also, two words: pool parties.

It's shameful how much I plan on wearing these pants: I'll probably wear them to and from the fest, sleep in them every night, and also wear them to Coachella one day. I won't wear them all three days, though, because it is important that I maintain a small amount of dignity—no matter how false—when traveling with coworkers.

That desert sun is no joke. I think SPF and a lil bit of shimmer is kind of all you need. Until you add the henna, face gems and fake tattoos, obvi.