• What I'm Taking To Coachella: Eli

    Name: Eli Thomas
    Location: Venice, CA
    Occupation: Owner or whatever of Bagavagabonds and freelance hustler

    Have you been to Coachella before? If so, what do you like about it?
    Yep yepthis is my 8th year running. Worked a bunch, played at a couple, but it's kind of the perfect spot for everyone to meet up early in the year and chat about things, like what's what, etc. I really like how there are all of these insanely rad bands, both established and up-and-coming, that the masses are so keyed up to see, but at the same time just off to the left or right there is a show that ends up sweeping you away that you never even considered making an effort to see.

    What are you looking forward to most about this year's festival?
    Fake vacation! The work load is minimal for the fest this year, so I'm using this an opportunity to put my feet up and soak up some sun. Long past are the days of scouring the grounds trying to catch a song from every band on the bill. This year it's more about leisureno agenda, no tactics, no time on hand.

    What are you packing and why?
    Function, style and comfort all need to be considered when piecing together the daily ensemble. The days are long, the weather is flippant, and it's the first festival of the year, right outside LA, right before summer, so everyone is constantly looking out of the corner of their eye to peep the new threads and trends. I have been leaning on Insight across the board for a few years nowshorts and patterned woven (Girgis is a fav), and a tank for the day, then flip it over to my favorite denim (Stooge raw) and shacket (shirt/jacket) at night. Key accessories: a hood, new Chucks I'm looking to break in, and Raen Optics. Done and done.

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