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    What If Spock Were A Stand-Up Comedian?

    Boy, I'm super sad I didn't think of this, but Vulture put up this awesome post with the kind of jokes Spock would tell if he were a stand-up comedian. They are so not funny that they're actually hilarious. Read some below, and then click here to read the rest. Vulture is the best. —Katie

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    I am Spock, first commander of the USS Enterprise.
    Spock, who?
    I have just informed you of that information and it appears you have heard me, as you have repeated my name. I would like to enter this door now.

    A rabbi, priest, and a minister walk into a bar …
    They each have three to four drinks, as that is the average for human males.

    It was hot today.
    How hot was it!?
    So hot that the onboard temperature gauge read 35 degrees Celsius.