• Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Max Fischer

    In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week. 

    So in my opinion, you should totally be Max Fischer from Wes Anderson's film Rushmore. "Why?" you might ask? Because he saved Latin. What did you ever do?—Ally


    Get the look:

    Hawkings McGill Cochise Blazer
    Get your schoolboy on with the infamous navy blazer! Now, all you need is a Rushmore uniform.

    Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
    Uniform part two: a blue button up.

    Urban Renewal Vintage Graphic Tie
    Part three: a tie. Though no one else seems to wear ties, you're on scholarship and that makes you special, so a tie is a must.

    Hawkings McGill Regular Straight Chino Pant
    Part four: tan pants. Wow, just combining these four items is already bringing me back to high school...

    Glasses. You'll need them to see the blackboard so that you don't fail out. Whoops...

    Cooperative Working Lady Satchel Bag
    Ummmm ignore the word lady. You need a satchel bag for your calligraphy, business cards and the book Diving For Sunken Treasures.

    Unfortunately, we do not sell a red beret (c'est la vie), so that will be something you need to find on your own. You also need to find an older girl (or use your girlfriend if you have one) to lust over at whatever party you go to. Just follow her around, tell her "Sic Transit Gloria" and try to convince her that you're NOT too young for her to date. It sounds creepy but it I believe in you, and Max does too. Now go out this Halloween and FIND YOUR RUSHMORE!

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