• Wednesday Watch: With Pride

    This month we are celebrating our PRIDE — a celebration of love and equality and rights for everyone. We’re so inspired by all the pride you are sharing on social media; here are a few of our recent favorites. Keep em coming!
    Lead image via Instagram

    Our new collaborative pride tees, benefitting GLSEN, via @uoarizona 

    Symbolic in every way, via @myfriendkelley

    Beauty spectrum, via @tonymoly.us_official

    Can’t hide our Pride, via @rajimoyo

    Mid-performance shot of Le1f’s show for UO Pride at Space 15 Twenty, via @danalynnphoto

    All a spectrum, via @UrbanOutfittersMens

    Rainbow of shorts, via @uotennessee

    LOVE is LOVE, via @uotoronto 

    Our Pride flags at @uoportland

    Love this shot by @ashleyuphoto of our Pride x GLSEN hat

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