• Wednesday Watch: Take It Easy

    This week, we’re wearing Juicy tracksuits, keeping it casual, seeking comfort. Remembering that sometimes “easy” is a good thing. Wednesday Watch rounds up some of our favorite social shares of the week; here’s what we’re loving right now. 
    Lead photo by @uogeorgia

    These shoes. Every day. All the time. Via @p.alladium

    Take a walk down memory lane with our history on the iconic Juicy Couture line on the blog here. Photo used with permission via Getty Images.

    Lounge uniform. Via @uogeorgia

    Foolproof fallback duo. Via @trufragrance

    Anytime we can cross that “sweatpants in real life” line…we’re down. Via @adonissreall

    Skipping through town in our blog feature with Anzie Dasabe

    Yes, we want in on this. Via @jacimariesmith

    Ideal window seat scenes in our travel diary with Jane Wilder of Wilder California

    Essentials right now. Via Instagram.

    Laid back beach waves with Amy Serrano on the blog

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