• We Asked, You Answered: Best Survival Tactics

    While watching any movie, one game I love to play with my friends is to ask them what character they think they are in it.  When it comes down to horror flicks, the disagreement between who dies first, who makes it halfway, and who is the star of the film that lives, always gets super heated.  I always admit I'd be the first to die, or the one to trip while running, but most people I ask swear through and through they'd make it until the end.  On Twitter, we asked you what your best survival tactic would be to make it to safety, and here are some of our favorite answers and some appropriate .gifs to match them. -Ally

    @Yellow108brand Running away/knowing where the stake's at.

    @_Lizzielove be a virgin.

    @imani_ervin Never split up! #uohalloween

    @LuckyMagazine using telekinesis to seek revenge at the prom works best.

    @ismikeis staying awake #onetwofreddyscomingforyou

    @emilysujo Lock yourself in the Winchester and wait for it all to blow over. #shaunofthedead

    @ironmanperson stock up on Urban Outfitters attire and hope for the best. #uohalloween

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