• (Photo credit: Annie Powers)

    Wanderlust: Road Trip Part 2

    With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road. See their intro post here and Part 1 here!

    Entry 2, New Orleans and Mississippi:

    We spent a good part of our time in New Orleans skinny dipping. Maybe it's the heat, but there seems to be a general rule around town of "Clothing Optional." We met Aaron in the kitchen at the Country Club where we spent several afternoons making new friends in various states of undress.

    Then, when there was a thunderstorm so intense that it knocked the power out, we took our clothes off and jumped in the pool. When we put our clothes back on, we met Willow and Ashley, in NOLA and Mississippi respectively, and dressed them in denim. We stopped in Jackson, MS to visit friends, attend a backyard pool party and hit up Mama Hamil's, the most epic of all the all-you-can-eat bbq buffets.

    Stay tuned for part 3!