• Wanderlust: Prague & Heading Home

    "On our last day in Prague we woke up early to view the sunrise over the Charles Bridge without the crowds, then walked into the Old Town Prague Square to take a look at the medieval astronomical clock. 

    We went to the Alphonse Mucha Museum, the epitome of art nouveau and one of Claire’s favorite artists. At the Old Town flea market we dropped way too much money on a painted wooden jewlery box, rare stones, and La Muse Verte Absinthe—warmth in a bottle. 

    We fell in love with this city and with the ornate detail on absolutely everything. It’s the perfect mix of Eastern and Western motifs. We’ve found that in Europe we only eat carbs, in the form of beer and freshly baked soft pretzel. They were so cheap and so delicious! Don’t judge us, we’re on vacation.

    We’re in complete denial that 36 straight hours of flights back to LA loom in our near future. It feels like we only just arrived. This trip has been a feast—visually and literally. Our favorite days have been when we wandered aimlessly with the goal of getting completely lost. That’s when we stumbled upon gold. We’ve tried on each city and each has changed us and broadened our perspective that much more. It’s been thrilling to be so far away from home. We’ll miss this crucible of cobblestone.

    Now to plan the next trip!"—Katie and Claire

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