• Directed and Edited by Lina Plioplyte; Styled by Doria Santlofer; Produced by Annie Powers and Doria Santlofer

    Wanderlust: Our Southern Road Trip

    With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road.


    Doria Santlofer is a stylist for magazines including Seventeen, Nylon, Foam and Dossier Journal. To prep for the trip, she packed her favorite summery dresses, colorful crop tops and cool sunglasses from Urban's spring/summer collection.


    Annie Powers is a photographer living in Brooklyn and always has a camera around her arm. Annie takes documentary and fashion photos in NYC, and after a long winter it was time to get out of the city!


    The two set out for the South in their VW Beetle aiming to shoot cute new UO looks on people they met along the way. They linked up with friend and filmmaker, Lina Plioplyte, who has shot and edited videos for Calvin Klein, Coach, Nylon and Nowness.

    After days of BBQ, country music, skinny dipping and of course, countless impromptu photoshoots, the road trip was complete. See the photos and read about their new friends in the week to come!

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