• Wanderlust: Cambodia

    "Eddie and I stopped at a roadside food stall on our way from Sihanoukville. There were a line of covered metal pots on the table. We took a look under each one, pointed to the one we liked best, and then signaled "2" using our fingers.

    When we sat down the man who ran the place rushed over with two glasses of ice and then followed it up with a pot of tea. I’ve enjoyed this in Vietnam and Cambodia–every food stall provides free tea. The shopkeeper pulled up a chair and sat with us, smiling. He asked us some town names and we were able to let him know we were going to Phnom Penh, but the conversation stopped there. He enjoyed sitting with us, but I wish we could have said more.

    There was a young guy sitting next to us, keeping quiet. He soon revealed that he spoke some English. Once we found out, we asked everyone their name, and introduced ourselves to them. I’ve been going by “John” (it's easier). The older shopkeeper man’s name was Mr. Heng.

    After Eddie and I polished off another meal of bones, Mr. Heng cleared our plates promptly. He was a great host. I asked him if I could sit with him for a photo. I sat next to him and Mr. Heng took my hand.

    As we got ready to leave, the young, quiet guy said he would pay for us. We thanked him but refused saying that he’s 26 so we’re older than him–we will pay for him. He waved us away and smiled generously saying it would be his pleasure. At a certain point it’s rude not to accept a gift. Welcome to Cambodia!"-Eoin

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