• Vinyl 101: Neil Young "Time Fades Away"

    Neil Young's Time Fades Away is a noted classic not only as a rare collection of songs, but also as the only Neil album never released on CD (that's okay, though; it's readily available on vinyl, and you have a record player, right?) The album was recorded on tour immediately after Harvest made Neil a star. Alcoholism, drug overdoses and a continually rotating cast of disgruntled musicians made the tour particularly troublesome for Neil, which many speculate is the reason why he's never wanted the album put out on compact disc. 

    Despite the context, Time Fades Away is regarded as a top-five Neil Young record, though audiences who had come out to see Neil's folkier Harvest set were supposedly turned off by the previously unheard tracks. The album oscillates unapologetically from classic Crazy Horse — driving blues-rock riffs on tracks like "L.A." and "The Last Dance" — and comparatively naked, slow songs such as "Journey Through the Past" and the perfectly brief "Love in Mind." Track down the album on vinyl, and if your friends don't know what you're talking about, ask your dad. He probably remembers Time Fades Away fondly. Angelo