• US@UO: We Love Our Dads

    In honor of Father’s Day, an homage to our fathers, and a roundtable on the best dad-approved gifts on our list this year.

    My dad is a HUGE SF Giant's fan, and watching games together has been one of our longest standing traditions. This year for Father's day, I'm sending him everything he needs to get ready for an upcoming game - including a couple new shirts (this one and this one), plus a pair of tickets for him and my mom! 
    Brittany Smith, Events Coordinator

    My dad literally only likes motorcycles so I'll probably buy him a Harley tee. Not even a vintage one because he doesn't care. Just a fresh, 2017 XL Harley tee. He's a simple dude.
    Katie Gregory, Content Editor (lead image)

    My dad's name is Rolando and I'm getting him some new driving gloves because he loves driving here from Florida for some crazy reason! Loves life on the road I guess. 
    Ron Ubaldo, Music Director

    My dad is RIP so no gift for him but if I could I’d definitely buy him a scrunchie because he was rocking a mullet for those Billy Cyrus years
    Stacey Britt Fitzgerald, Director of Creative Marketing

    My Dad was in the Coast Guard, and when I was 11, we were stationed in Key West, FL. Every Sunday we would go to a café nearby our military base and drink Café Con Leches (loaded with about 4 packs of sugar…); this was definitely the impetus for my early love / addiction for coffee. So, as a Father's Day gift, I’m sending a bunch of coffee beans from my favorite Philadelphia roaster along with these really sleek mugs.
    Kiersten Marian, Marketing Manager

    I’ll probably give my dad something related to coffee… we have some nice French presses and pouring kettles at UO that would be great. 
    Tobey Ward, Editorial Copywriter

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