• US@UO: Sean Murray

    Our US@UO Artist Series Candles are a one-of-a-kind collection of candles for your home, adorned with photography from UO’s very own in-house creative team. We talked with each artist about their creative practice and the image they submitted for the series. 

    US@UO artist Sean Murray photographs the kinds of objects that have been interacted with and left behind by humans. He began taking photos on a small digital point-and-shoot in middle school, and is drawn to images that can stand on their own in order to make a point. 
    Photos by Colin Kerrigan 

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? 
    I grew up on the east coast, spending most of my childhood in Delaware. Then I went on to college for photography in Philadelphia. 

    How long have you been working for UO? What do you do here?
    I have been working for UO for just over a year. My role in the company is the Digital Technician for the UO Home photo studio, where I handle files and photograph for the brand.

    Did you study photography in school? Where did you go to school? 
    I received my BFA in Photography, from the University of the Arts in 2015.

    When did you get your first camera? What kind of camera was it?
    I was given my first camera in middle school. My parents noticed my interest in photography and gave me a point and shoot camera. 

    What sorts of things are you drawn to when you’re taking a photo? 
    When photographing I am drawn toward things that have been interacted with, then left behind by humans. I am also drawn toward imagery that evokes emotion and memory. Also I enjoy making portraits. 

    What are your goals for the future when it comes to your photography practice? 
    I plan to expand my personal projects/work. I'd also like to advance in photographing within the fashion industry.

    Do you have any particular projects you’ve been working on lately that you’re excited about? 
    I have been working on a couple projects that deal with the idea of home and how it is defined by myself and others. Also I have been experimenting with mediums outside of photography in order to tackle other ideas.

    Can you tell us about the photo you submitted for the US@UO Artist Series candle? Where was the image captured? 
    The photo I submitted for the US@UO Artist Series candle was taken while visiting Vermont last year. The photo was taken in the early morning on the farm we were staying at. There was so much fog you could  barley see the sun and only make out the silhouette of the trees.

    Are there any particular photographers or other artists that have inspired your work the most over the years? 
    I have been very inspired by photographers and other types of artists that I have worked alongside in school and afterward. Looking at a lot of fine art documentary photography definitely impacts the way I make photographs.

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