• US@UO: Julianna Astrid Stefanovic

    Emerging photographer (and UO Huntington Beach employee!) Julianna Stefanovic (@lifewithjulianna) embodies So Cal cool. Join us on a day in the life as we explore neighborhood pools, flower-filled gardens, and her favorite local spots.
    Photos by @miglvineyard

    Can you introduce yourself — tell us bit more about who you are, where you live, what you do?
    My name is Julianna Astrid Stefanovic, born and raised in Southern California with a camera glued to the palm of my hand. I just graduated high school, only 19 years old, but I’ve known since age 5 that I’ve always wanted to repurpose and create things to represent who I am. 

    Luckily, having a family who is very creative as well as supportive, I found inspiration throughout my house and started fabricating things of my own at an early age.

    What is your role at UO? Can you tell us a bit more about your job, what do you like about what you do?
    I've been working with Urban for about 6 months as a sales associate, usually always keeping an eye out for new arrivals to take pictures of. Although I’m only there a few days a week, I’m constantly thinking about all the clothes and how each piece should be styled for a photoshoot... My manager said, “Everything you think about is an Instagram post.” Haha! It feels amazing to have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many open-minded, creative people on a daily basis, it definitely makes work enjoyable and something to look forward to every week.

    Can you tell us more about how you got into photography? What do you love shooting? How do you describe your aesthetic when it comes to what you shoot?
    When I was about twelve, my parents bought a Nikon (D5000) camera. It seemed so advanced at the time and was much larger than any of the other cameras we ever owned ... I felt SO official. I began shooting just about everything — mostly the plants in my front yard and the candy jars in my kitchen. 

    From there, my love for taking photos grew, especially portraits. I decided to take a photography class in high school and am continuing to study it in college as my major although I think having first-hand experience is just as equally important. I don’t think my aesthetic has a specific name but I would describe it as “Colorful Things.” I absolutely love taking photos of people wearing a lot of color in a colorful environment.

    What’s a typical day in the life for you?
    A typical day in my life is waking up earlier than I want to, using the first half of my morning to find some inspiration, whether it’s looking through magazines or browsing through my tumblr feed. From there I usually have an idea of what that day’s project is —whether it’s a type of set I want to photograph, a piece of clothing I want to make, or a makeup look I want to master. After completing my daily task, I typically find myself exploring the surrounding cities and finding cool restaurants with my sister or boyfriend.

    What are some of your favorite local spots — coffee, food, places to explore, or be outside …
    I love adventures and know for a fact I’d rarely be home if plane tickets weren’t so expensive. I get so excited when I find cute little sceneries, museums, and swap meets. I’m definitely the biggest foodie out of everyone I know so a good chunk of my life is making sure I try all the weird, new, Instagram-hyped spots around. 

    The best ones I’ve tried so far would probably have to be the Hot Cheeto Poke Wrap from Lowkey Poke, the Butter & Salt donut from Sidecar Donuts or Joey’s Pizza just because they have the best ranch. Good ranch is important.

    What’s a dream project for you?
    My dream project would probably have to be shooting a bright, retro lookbook for a big clothing company that would eventually appear on the cover of their magazine. It would have to be a studio shoot that was aesthetically pleasing where the model is color coordinated with her props and background — typically as a summer launch or festival inspo looks.

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