• US@UO: Alexa Quinn

    Our US@UO Artist Series Candles are a one-of-a-kind collection of candles for your home, adorned with photography from UO’s very own in-house creative team. We talked with each artist about their creative practice and the image they submitted for the series. 

    Alexa Quinn takes photos in order to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. The US@UO artist explores simple things, ugly things, and anonymous bodies to show the familiar world in a new light. 
    Photos by Colin Kerrigan 

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? 
    I’m originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. I moved to Philly in 2009 for school and I have been here ever since!

    How long have you been working for UO? What do you do here?
    I worked at store 003 here in Philly during college, but I’ve been at home office for 3 years now. I started as a digital tech, and now I’m a photographer for women’s accessories. 

    Did you study photography in school? Where did you go to school? 
    Yes, University of the Arts here in Philadelphia. 

    When did you get your first camera? What kind of camera was it?
    Possibly in middle school? It was a little Canon point and shoot that I eventually dropped and broke :( 

    What sorts of things are you drawn to when you’re taking a photo? 
    Usually color, shapes, light, ugly things, funny things. Really anything that catches my eye. 

    Is there a philosophy or worldview that runs throughout your work? 
    I mostly hope that my images show the ordinary world in a new and unexpected way. I try and find beauty in things that might typically be considered as mundane. 

    What are your goals for the future when it comes to your photography practice? 
    Besides becoming famous? Just to always enjoy what I do, and keep growing as an artist. 

    Do you have any particular projects you’ve been working on lately that you’re excited about? 
    Yeah, I actually just made a book with my good friend Clint Soren called DRY HEAT. It’s about our memories of growing up in Arizona. We made a first edition of 30, and amazingly they sold out at the PHL Art Book Fair. We plan on making a second edition soon. I also made a book about a recent trip I took to Israel, but that was more for me. 

    Can you tell us about the photo you submitted for the US@UO Artist Series candle? Where was the image captured?
    I took this photo in Wildwood NJ. It’s of the fake palm trees that are spread throughout the motels in the town. I love how silly they are, and somehow makes me feel like I’m on the West Coast. 

    Are there any particular photographers or other artists that have inspired your work the most over the years? 
    Stephen Shore, Barbara Kasten, Joel Meyerowitz, and Robert Mapplethorpe will always be classics. I’m constantly inspired by other artists, whether it’s a friend, or someone I follow on instagram. There are too many to name! 

    What advice would you give an aspiring photographer who’s just starting out?
    Have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to try new things. 

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