• Urban Renewal Diary: Longest Yard Sale In The World

    It has been a very busy past couple months for us here at Urban Renewal, and one thing that kept us on our feet (or driving a U-Haul) for over a week was the World's Longest Yard Sale; aka the 127 Corridor Sale. It's more than 650 miles of yard sales that span from Gadsden, Alabama to Hudson, Michigan along Country Highway 127.

    Right off the bat, we were finding great deals, and that got us really excited for the next four days (and more than 700 miles of driving) ahead of us….

    The range of goods was amazing: from normal yard sale junk and people's collections and collectibles they'd finally decided to part with to vintage dealers with pricey antiques.
    People were set up in fields, parking lots, community centers, churches, fairgrounds, and randomly on the side of the road.

    Great deals ran amok and we were trying our best not to go overboard…but trust me, it was tough. All in all, it was an amazing adventure!
    - UO Renewal

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